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Everything irritates me.

The last few days I have been SOOO irritable. EVERYTHING and EVERYONE irritates me.

I feel like my DH is only slightly more self sufficient than a 4 yr old.

My kids are getting on my nerves and I honestly don't even want to be around them for more than 10 minutes at a time (no flames please).

My whole body aches. I can't sleep.

And DS1 told me he didn't want to home-school anymore, that he wants to go to "real school with the other kids," and DH said "If he wants to go we should let him. So despite how negative I feel about public school... he started on Friday.

And a whole bunch of other stuff has not been going the way I want it.

The only GOOD thing that's happened, is that my blood pressure med is working and my midwife let me off of "STRICT" bed rest and is letting me do "MODIFIED" bed rest.

Can this baby PLEASE just come out already? I'm 38 weeks (today) and no signs of labor... no contractions (other than pesky BH contractions), no loss of mucus plug, no bloody show.... and so many people in my FB birth group have had babies in the last few days.

I've gone from responding with "Awe, congrats." to thinking. "I don't care... stupid people putting up stupid pictures of their stupid babies." *sigh*

I'm just so over being pregnant.

Thanks for listening to me whine.

God bless!
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