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Originally Posted by jacquelinemarie82
Brutal honestly from a non due date board member....I really like Emersyn but would absolutely spell it Emerson. I know that wasn't your question though but it caught my eye. I like the full name and you are right that it will rarely be used. If you don't like Dawn, maybe there is another compromise you can find??? Personally I wouldn't use a name I didn't like even if my dh did. We each have full veto power. If we hate the name, the other can't use it.
Till I read this ^ I thought it was pronounced E-mer-zen. Not emerson. I prefer the spellings: emerson or emersen. I like emerson and jewel together. Pretty name. Dawn is fine. I dont think 3rd names come up that often for it to need to really "flow" but thats jmo. I love the initials EJ. It will make a super cute nickname!

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