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Originally Posted by EskimoStitches

I was feeling the bulge of my stash and I did not have a project in mind, I was really just "collecting the pretties"
What'd you destash? I missed the have lotsa pretties!

Originally Posted by Scaethach

That's why I got fiber for Woodland Friends, I have it with pink coming for socks for me, and 8 oz of diaper base for bean. I haven't touched my storyteller either


What kind of apples? I usually get sweet apples like macintosh and just add cinnamon, nothing else, and it's fabulous. Sometimes I mix apples and pears, gala, fuji, all of those don't need much to make a great sauce.
Mmm apple crisp!! Fuji is my fave!

Originally Posted by stevensmom
So those having girls...I will have a TON of girl clothes that I'll be selling soon. My sister is giving me her tubs of clothes plus all the tubs of Emily's that I need to sell
Lemme know

Originally Posted by Aidensmommalove
I LOVE woodland friends and can't wait till i get my hands on it again
I happen to have 2 skeins cw and 1/2 skein trim on mmr I'm destashing Friday too!!

Originally Posted by KaysieW003
Sorry I've been MIA
You're not totally MIA...I see you on Facebook

Originally Posted by EskimoStitches

A pocket monster for 3 year old. His name is "pocket monster"

Originally Posted by stevensmom
Guess what I wore today and got compliments on my mom was telling everyone "she made that"
Love it!!

AFM: No knitting, just reading and church today. We're at a friend's fundraiser tonite. He's classmates/church friends with DH and battling Hodgkins Lymphoma at 33. His wife gave birth the week before his diagnosis in Jan.
*** Wifey to my love and mommy to my two little men and my sweet baby girl ***

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