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Re: weaning and co-sleeping

I weaned both of my boys by 18-19mos. I was ready to have my body back. I knew it because I began to resent being tied down to one place/side while they nursed, even when it was just 5-10mins. We still co-sleep.

With DS1, I prepped him for a week prior showing him the moon and telling him to see that little baby there without its mom.."Can you hear it crying for milk? Its hungry. Shall I feed him?" He would agree,make the imaginary baby's crying sounds. And I would pretend I just went and fed the baby.

So when I stopped feeding him (I'd day weaned him some 3mos before, I only needed to night wean) a week later, and he would ask for it before sleeping and I only had to remind him about the baby and that milk was gone and he would aquiesce. But he slept terribly that first night..obviously since he can sense his comfort food so close by and yet unavailable. Second night, I enlisted DH's help and had sing/rock him back to sleep,and I slept separately. It went alright.

Third night, he whimpered, but he would remind himself about the moon baby and go back to sleep. By fourth night he didnt need any reminding!

I tried the same story with DS2. He's an unreasonble baby...DS1can follow detailed explanations. Ds2 will not have anything of it. He wants it...means he's gotta have it. So, he ended up crying terribly, loudly, hit me, got super angry, screamed, didnt want dh holding him. So the first night I gave in reluctantly,after about 30mins of of tantrumming.
2nd night, I locked myself and ds2 up in a room,closed all windows and let him scream out his frustration. However, I kept talking to him in a calm way, said that I understood he was upset, but amma was hurt there because he bit (he used to occasionally bite-he remembered that) And every 10mins I would try to rock him to sleep. He would cry and get up. It took 1h of it andhe fell sound asleep. Second night, was no crying, but he didnt sleep easily either.

And there he was...weaned! Dh was like wow! You managed his worst ever behaviour by yourself!

FWIW, I wore clothes that they couldnt pull down/shove their hands into!
All those crunchy things and more Amma to DS1(9.2007) and DS2(1.2011)
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