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Re: Support thread for those of us due later in the month (and might go till October)

I was talking to my friend yesterday and she's also pregnant with #4. All 3 of hers came 2-3 weeks early. She is barely 35 weeks and having lots of contractions. She's hoping to make it to 37. I know there are huge benefits to the baby to go to 40 weeks and I'm trying not to be jealous but it's so hard!! Part of me really wishes my water would randomly break this coming weekend (I'm 38 weeks on Wed). I want to hold my baby!! I want a tiny little newborn. ::sigh:: Alright, complaining over. I am so grateful for this little life I'm carrying. I'm so grateful that he is healthy and happy and at this very moment doing a dance routine in my belly worthy of ABDC. I trust him and my body to bring him into the world at the perfect time. Ohhhmmmmmm.
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