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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of September 10th

Originally Posted by sdavis514 View Post
AFM - CD 1 was yesterday and I called RE but missed them at the office. On call DR called me back and said to call office in the morning. Since she did not have my chart and wasnt my regular DR, she was not sure what he would want to do this cycle. But agreed that he would likely want to move to injectibles. I call the office this morning and talk to my nurse. She says, there is not time to order the injectibles since they would need to start tomorrow. And set up a phone conference with the RE on Tuesday for me.

I am so mad!!! I had to skip last cycle to have a sono-hsg. Told the RE that I definitely wanted to do something the next cycle. He told me that the test was all clear and to call CD 1. I do, expecting them to have the plan ready so we can get the meds, etc but they dont. So I took the stupid Provera for NOTHING!! I hate that stuff and only took it so we could move on to another cycle but now the nurse tells me that the RE is probably gonna want me to lose an additional 10 -15 lbs before we do an injectible cycle. I have been working by but off for months and have lost 15 lbs already but I had really expected to be doing a cycle now. If I had known all this, I would have not taken the provera and waited to get a natural period. Not point in getting AF now if I have to wait anyway.
I spent the whole morning crying and now I have 3 birthday parties to go to today. One at 2, 4 and 7. I am not in the mood at all and just wanna crawl into bed and hide!!!!!
- This would make me fuming too! I can't believe they are doing that to you! I don't see what 10-15 lbs is really going to accomplish for you. It is not like you can get to a certain weight and it is a magic number where you will suddenly get pregnant! Yes we all need to be exactly 135.7 pounds before we get pregnant. If we are 135.6 or 135.8 then too bad! I hope you get answers tomorrow!

Originally Posted by JCPACandMommy View Post
I think I'm CD1.... Lots of bright red today so much so I've had to use tampons so I'd say CD1 but do I stop progesterone? RE hasn't called back yet! I called this AM to tell them I thought it was cd1 and what do I need to do but haven't heard anything..
I thought with progesterone I'd have to stop it to get AF... So I guess I'll continue it till I hear otherwise...
Oh no!!! I thought for SURE you were going to get pregnant this month!!! How could this happen??? I hope you get answers soon! You definitely deserve that!

Today is my transfer day so I will let you know what happens.
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