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X-posted. Help! 2.5 year old hates and refuses the potty

Hey Everyone,

looking for advise from mommas that have been there done that. My DD is 2.5 and i tried potty training her about a week ago ( but then got really sick so had to stop) so i started back up today and she throws a kicking screaming fit if i ask her or try to get her to go potty. I knew she had to poop so i asked her over and over and tried to coax her to the potty and she said she couldnt so sure enough about 10 mins later she was pooping in her pants!! All morning she hasnt gone pee and just now i kept asking and bribing with candy and stickers and i finally tried to pick her up and set her on the potty and she screamed and kicked and threw a fit so i left her alone and sure enough she started peeing all over the floor and was bawling. I dont know what to do :-(
She has peed once on the potty and she got TONS of praise and stickers and candy and all that but now she has done this today and i have no idea if i should keep pushing it or just wait till she gets a little older. She wont tell me when she poops her diaper or pees. She infact will tell me she didnt when she cleary has.
I feel like a terrible mother for not having her potty trained already She is a very very bright and smart little girl but somehow the potty thing is just not there?

Update: 9/10, I ask her everyday if she wants to wear panties and she throws a fit still. :-/
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