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Re: How to announce?

I'm so boring, I just posted it to FB after I told my mom.. LOL! And even though we were going to wait a while, we ended up spilling the beans only 4 days after we found out. We can never keep it a secret. Here is the exact post taken from FB...

So now that we broke the news to mom and my husbands manhood is still intact, I guess I can share the news w the facebook world. Schmidtlin #6 has taken up residency in my uterus and is due to make his or her appearence sometime in March 2013. Huge unexpected surprise but we are excited!
I sound like a 16 y/o with the mom bit... but she isn't much on big familes. :/ Thankfully she handled it surprisngly well and at least ACTED excited, as opposed to telling me "I have options" like she did with LO5.

I think it's cute when people take pictures of their LO's holding a cute little announcement.
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