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Critque my stash

Okay so it's going to be a while yet before i actually need my diapers... but I've been collecting them for a while knowing the time would be coming. It's taken a while I mostly just throw out low ball bids on ebay and see if i win.

Since adding to the stash in this method could take awhile... give me your thoughts now... what do I still need. What I see as lacking are... fasteners I think i have 1 or 2 snappies but that's it. Wet bags. NB covers. And I think I would like a few more fitted newborn diapers just to make it easier for anyone helping me out at that stage. Maybe a few more fleece covers... i think at this point wool is a bit too intimidating but want something more breathable.

13 Rearz New Born Prefolds
44 Generic New Born Prefolds
12 Infant Prefolds
24 Premium Prefolds
4 Ikea Flats

2 Alva Baby NB
1 Alva Baby OS
17 Ebay OS (babyland, sunny baby etc)
2 Wee Ones OS

2 New Born Sandies
15 MEOS (actually I think I have 27 of there but canít find some and lent some out)
4 Yulco OS (2 more of these lent out too)
1 Wee Ones OS
9 Homemade OS
1 New Born homemade fitted

13 ME snap in liners
12 Bamboo interst
1 ME Sandies SM
4 Sherpa Fleece Wee Ones
14 Homemade Flannel/Terry/MF
21 MF insterts

3 NB Bummis Super Bright
1 X-SM ME Air Flow
4 SM ME Rikki Wrap
1 SM Wee Ones
1 SM WAHM Fleece
1 SM Bummis Super Whisper Wrap
1 SM Polar Bummis
1 MD Wee Ones
1 MD WAHM Fleece
1 MD Polar Bummis
3 LG Original Bummis
1 XL Polar Bummis
2 Kawaii OS
6 BuBubibi OS
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