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Thanks for the hug he is peeing in the toilet more consistently in the last 2 days, now if only he'd poop we'd be in business. He does get punished for intentionally not using the toilet to poop, but even the various punishments I've tried don't seem to carry much weight with him. I really thought taking the trains each time would work because they are his most favorite toy, but nope he's a tough nut to crack! He's gotten time outs, loss of other privileges. I've tried everything I could think of. I try focusing on positive rewards to work towards as it seems to be more effective for him in other situations but with this he couldn't really care less about anything.

I feel badly because I haven't been as "on it" in the past few weeks because I just had DS3 and was recovering from a c section. Also it seemed a lot of advice was to expect regression with the new baby in the house. I am of the thought that once you start PL you shouldn't stop but I just couldn't do it KWIM.
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