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Re: Critque my stash

Originally Posted by AZmommy View Post
honestly I think you have plenty I likely I personally wouldn't add anything wait till baby comes and get an idea what you really like then see if you want to add or subtract.
Acessory wise..
cloth wipes? diaper sprayer? cloth safe creams etc...
Wipes... I have some... making more as I get time and flannel ends.

I'm not sure about a diaper sprayer.... the design of my bath room isn't friendly for any over spray. But I have heard they are the best thing ever.

Wet bags and pail liners... have nothing... will probably hit up etsy once I get a little further along.

Creams... have to do a bit of research on that front. I know what makes them safe... but still a lot of options.

Fasteners obviously need some.

I think the number of new born covers is what's kinda eating at me. I do have the Smalls too I suppose. It just I don't expect any help with laundry... so in the beginning keeping up could be challenging.
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