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Re: help my homemade Christmas!

There are some great ideas here! You could do matching outfits for the girls/dolls. Or like another poster said diapers and a sling, or clothes. Do you have the one yard wonder book? There is a pattern for a fabric doll house in there that is so cute!! I made one but I made mine a barn instead and it is adorable and well loved. DH made our kids a pair of stilts (kind of) by cutting a piece of 4X4 lumber into two 6 inch lengths. Then you just drill a hole about an inch and a half down from the top for a small rope to go through, and tie it in a loop to hold onto. They are really fun to play on for adults or kids!! We took ours to church one time and a 70+ year old woman had a blast with them! Bags to hold kids treasures go over well and are functional too. Or you could put together a basket of stuff so the kids could learn to create. Like a knitting basket, or woodworking basket or whatever. That's all the ideas I have on the top of my head but I'm going to be watching this thread!
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