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Unhappy Success after a potty strike?

I want to hear your stories. I have been scouring the forums and I have found TONS of threads on potty strikes but no one seems to update them to explain how/when they got past it. I am getting discouraged.

My story: We have been EC-ing since my daughter was 3 or 4 months old. It was a roaring success from day one. For three straight months we caught 100% of her poops and 75-90% of her pees. We experimented with EC-ing out of the house but found it to be too stressful so we used diapers while out and about. We mostly relied on timing but occasionally she would make a face that I associated with her having to go. It was wonderful.

Then came the diarrhea that ended it all. I am actually angry at her diarrhea as if that makes any sense! (I mean, really, who gets mad at poop???) For nearly two weeks, she was pooping 4-6 times a day. Her poops were liquid and obviously painful for her. We caught some, but it was stressful for her (and me). I decided to take some time off until she felt better. I think the few diarrhea poops we did catch created a negative association with being held in the potty position. Now, if I so much as go near the potty (or the tub or the sink or the grass) with her in the froggy-legged potty position, she arches her back and SCREAMS. I put her down and she immediately pees on the floor.

To make things worse, as soon as the diarrhea was over, she started crawling. Now she's cruising and on the verge of walking. I know she just wants more control. I know this is a common time for a potty pause. But, it's been nearly two months with no catches! I know the goal of EC is communication and not necessarily making catches, but seriously!

Things I've tried:

Naked time/"starting over" - I swear she doesn't cue anymore. She will literally pee mid-crawl. And even if she did cue, she still won't let me put her on the potty. I still make a shhh sound when she goes but I'm not sure it means anything to her anymore.

Taking a break - We took a full two weeks off. Regular diapering, no offering the potty. I would talk to her during diaper changes about it, "you peed in your diaper. If you'd like to pee in the potty instead, you can. You just have to tell me "potty" (while making the sign for the potty)." (She uses some signs and says a few words so I know she knows that signing is a means of communication, but has yet to make the potty sign.)

I'm trying really hard to make it relaxed and not a big deal. (I'm actually impressed with my composure through all of this... my carpets, on the other hand, are not holding up so well).

So, did you go through a potty strike when your baby started crawling and/or walking? How long did it last? What did you do? I'm needing a good dose of hope!
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