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Re: 3rd labors resemble 1st?


I've never heard that but when I read it, a light bulb went off in my head.

With my first, I started leaking amniotic fluid early int he day, before lunch time. I was admitted to the hospital that afternoon and labored all day. Hit a point of utter exhaustion at 4cm, fell asleep, out cold, woke up an hour later at 10cm and gave birth 30 mins later at 4am.

With my third, I could tell my fluid was leaking (I KNOW it was!) early in the day, before lunchtime. I labored throughout the day, DH came home from work, I called my MW but I wasn't that far along (only 3cm). I hit my utter exhaustion point and fell asleep, woke up ready to get in the tub and had a baby an hour later at 3:30am.

So, yea they were very similar! i didn't even think about it till now!

FWIW - my 2nd labor was 1.5 hrs. Woke up at 6am to a POP! Got up, had hard immediate contractions, and had a baby at 7:30am.

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