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Lots of woolies ( girls and GN, all season )

Crochet christmas longies EEEUC, I think we used these twice. $30ppd
W -18
R 20
I - 10

I just got these off spots but I decided they are to boyish for me. Really cute, think ooga booga colors. $30ppd
W - 18
H - 20
R - 19
I - 9

12 months shortalls EUC only worn a couple times $35ppd
Total length - 17.5 inches
W 18 inches
I 3.5 inches
Rise 28 inches

Cute crocheted shorts $15ppd

Very GN

W - 18 ( drawstring and stretchy )
R - 16
I - 2

Really cute just to big for my lady. She wore it a couple times but it just does not fit her right. I bought this used but it is great shape still.

Total length is 20 inches from shoulder to leg
High waist of 16 inches

Medium wool shorties - really cute, euc $27ppd
W 16
R 18
I 2

$27ppd Very nice overalls, a little pilly but really cute. I loved these overalls on my daughter but she is simply to large for them now. They fit her for a long time.

W - 16 inches
Hips - 18 inches
I - 6.5 inches
rise - 26 inches

$25ppd Brand new! Washed, lanolized and not used
Cute heart embellishment on the butt SOLD

w - 12 inches ( lots of stretch )
r - 15 inches
i - 8 inches
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