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Re: Success after a potty strike?

Honestly, my dd had a strike when she started cruising/walking because she just didn't want to sit, and it seriously lasted like 6 months. From about 10 months until 17 months, she just wouldn't let me hold her in the supported squat that we had been doing, but she picked it back up a bit when she was more independent and she started using the BBLP. She liked it because she could pretty much do it on her own, so naked time and encouraging her to try regularly worked pretty well, but it was basically starting over. She wasn't really "done" with potty learning until 2ish. I think it's so easy to think that if your 9 month old is pottying regularly that you're in the clear, but strikes and regressions are actually really common. Sorry, I hope you get back in the groove soon!
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