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Re: Twin mamas: refusal to birth in the OR

Yes, I did. A few things worked my my favor... It was my 3rd pregnancy, it was healthy and babies were full term (37w3d), the OR was literally across the hall and it was left empty until both babies were born and I was okay. I did have an epidural (and was glad I did). My Dr. knew the kind of birth I wanted, and worked hard to give it to me. They had everything ready shoudl I need the OR, but since they knew I was self-pay, it saved me a LOT of $$ to labor in the regular room. I think if it were my first birth, or if I had any health problems at all they would have made me labor in the OR.

Funnily enough, my SIL had been in labor all day long and not dilated at ALL, not even enough to break her water. I came in, check in said 4:05, but I got there a little earlier than that. Things got going for me, but they decided to give my SIL a c-section since she had absolutely no change in almost 24 hours of labor. We were in a race, and my SIL was going to win LOL. They were going to do her in the OR, but came in to check me first to make sure they had enough time (9, and almost ready to push, sorry). They told my brother and SIL they were sorry, but they had to leave the OR ready for the twin mom down the hall... He replied "That's my sister!" Then they took the warmer from his room to mine We were in a race... my babies were born at 6:40 and 7:07... my niece was born at 7:50 via c-section. So, I was only there about 3 hours before my babies were there safely, vaginally and in a regular delivery room.

It really wasn't a normal delivery, though. They had an US machine to watch twin B after twin A was out (he flipped sideways and stuck his arm out), the Dr. had to stick his hand in, push the arm back up and flip baby head down. That twin needed a vaccuum to help, he just wasnt' in the right position and I couldn't seem to push for a while. WHen he got in the right position, I was able to push him out, but it took a few minutes. I don't know how many people were in the room, I know that the OB, ped. and anethesiologist were all there. My SIL's Dr. was also waiting in the hall incase they needed another Dr. I had them at shift change, so my room was FULL of nurses, I know 15-ish people were in the tiny delivery room watching, waiting, some I could see, others were behind the curtain incase they were needed. I had a nurse, each baby had a nurse, and there were also nurses to help the Dr. One nurses job was to keep the US machine on the baby, another was handing teh Dr. the things he needed, the baby nurses were waiting w/ the Ped by the warmers... it was hectic to say the least.
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