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Re: We don't even care if it's healthy

Congratulations on your baby!! I had two boys first and we didn't find out the gender with our 3rd. Yep, everyone from friends to the checker at Walmart would ask "Are you hoping it's a gril?" or "Is this *finally* your girl?" Finally? As if my only reason for procreating were to get a daughter? Are my boys disposable?! I got really sick of it. I thought it was a boy and felt very protective. Well, our 3rd did turn out to be our beautiful baby girl and I was utterly thrilled about it, but I would have loved another sweet boy EVERY bit as much. I'm expecting our 3rd boy this month and some people have actually said "Aw" in a disappointed way when we told them it's a boy. I guess 2 boys and 2 girls is "perfect". I actually was hoping for another boy! I think he will be the perfect addition to our family. I also think people need to mind their business and learn how to ask questions tactfully, or not at all.
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