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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of September 10th

slimy72 - Wow you did a GREAT job with those!! I think we know what you should do if you need extra money! I would totally buy some if I needed any.

You actually are not pregnant if your under 5. So they were really splitting hairs with you! I am sorry your going through this! After my miscarriage of Baby D (September of 2007). I was at a beta of 25 at my first AF (the baby miscarried at 9 weeks). I was so furious!! It took till the next AF a month later for me to FINALLY get under 5. I thought it was REALLY odd as I had a d&c but that was how it was to be. I certainly know what it is like to feel like you have no control over your body and how you feel like your body wants to be pregnant as much as the rest of you!

JCPACandMommy - Good luck with your new game plan! It sounds like it should be a winner!

Hope4More - I hope you get your miracle baby this month! You certainly were very prepared to ovulate with all that you did! What were your results? Did you like one method better then the other?

AFM - Sorry I didn't post here. I posted on my thread in the Sensitive subjects board. Here are the compulations of those:
I am back. We didn't loose anyone in the thaw so I still have 2 embryos frozen. Baby J was transferred. This baby I thought would be transferred last time. He/she was even hatching!! Beta test on 9/21. Will post photo on blog tomorrow.

I have a great feeling about the baby!!
Thank you everyone!

This evening a little bit of doubt got into me. What if this wasn't right or that? Then I looked at my photo of the embryo and I wonder if I am going to get identicals. Oh what a crazy ride!! I mentioned the identicals to DH and I don't think he turned that white with the news of the triplets (on ultrasound)! I think everyone around me would be but I would just see it as Gods will.

You will see what I mean about the embryo when I post it tomorrow.
Then this morning:
Okay I scanned him or her in! I posted it on my blog if you want to see: I included the before the freeze and after the freeze photos.

Can you see now why I wonder if this will become identicals?
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