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Re: We don't even care if it's healthy

Boy can I relate to some of you ladies here! We're pregnant with #6, going team green. We have 3 boys & 2 girls. My intuition tells me this one is a girl, which I've been very public about. My girl pregnancies vs. my boy pregnancies are like night & day, and this one has been a carbon copy of my pregnancies with my DD's.

So anyhow... since my intuition has convinced me we're having a girl, everyone assumes I have my heart set on a girl and I will be disappointed if it's a boy.Uhm, not a chance! I honest to goodness have no preference. They love to say, "how are you going to feel if it's a boy?" Well, even more surprised and just as thrilled!" Or, "I'm going to laugh if it comes out a boy." Okay? Well there is a 50% chance it's a boy and a 50% chance it's a girl. So you just might get that laugh... moron. And either way, I'm getting a precious new baby so LOL!

Congrats on your sweet baby girl, mama!
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