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Re: Twin mamas: refusal to birth in the OR

I've had 2 vaginal deliveries of twins, both in the OR. I've been around a LOT of twin moms and even mod for a twin forum. I've met a few moms here and there who didn't birth in the OR, like Free Thinker who I've known since my being pregnant with my first set of twins 5 years ago, but almost all birth in the OR. However, I have known lots of moms to birth twins vaginally. C-sec are more common, but definitely don't have to be the norm for twins.

That said, I had no issues being in the OR. It didn't bother me and wasn't big deal. It was literally just for pushing and delivering and it was fast. The first time, they were having a bit of an issue getting the OR set up with a "double set-up," set up for a vaginal delivery and a c-sec JIC. I had to wait on the bed in the doorway of my labor room for a while and I almost delivered there. I told them several times that baby A was coming whether they got me in there or not. I think I pushed once to get her out and she was out within a couple minutes of getting in there. I also had an epidural with both of the sets. I can't say I'm glad I did because I react very strongly to them and not in a good way, but it did make it less painful.

The one thing I don't like about the OR....only 1 support person allowed in most cases. There are a LOT of people in there and they feel there just isn't room in all the chaos for anyone "extra." I am very close to my mom and she has been at all my deliveries along with my husband except for my first set of twins. With my first set, my OB would not budge and let my mom in with us. So, after baby A was born, my husband was over with the baby and I was with the nurses. I felt a bit abandoned, even though that is what I would have had him to do. He came back for baby B, but still. The second set, I had a different, much more laid back OB. He let my mom in and it was much better.

IMO, much more important than birthing in the OR is getting an OB who FULLY supports a vaginal delivery. And, if you agree with it and want it, one who supports a vaginal delivery even if baby B is not head down. It can be hard to find, especially in some areas of the country. For my first set, I thought I had one. He mislead me and I didn't know the exact questions to ask him. When I first met with him, I should have directly asked, "What if baby B is breech or not head down?" I should have been more specific in my questioning of his support of twins vaginally. As it turns out, I almost had a c-sec because baby B was breech when I went into labor and he would not do a vaginal delivery even though I wanted one. Luckily, baby B turned in labor. (It was cool, we watched on u/s.) My OB wasn't happy about it. It suddenly became very clear he preferred I have a c-sec even if they were head down. I found out after the fact that he is a very c-sec happy OB and it was basically a miracle that he delivered my babies vaginally. I changed for the next set of twins. The OB I had with the next set of twins is literally the ONLY OB in the area who prefers to deliver twins vaginally and will do it even if baby B is not head down. He even did a VBAC with twins (not mine, obviously). He is awesome! I would have preferred him over anyone else even if someone else was willing to say he would deliver in the L&D "under the right circumstances." So, you just have to keep looking and ask the right questions. If not being in the OR is important to you, you may have to look closely at hospitals too. It is usually hospital policy and not the OB's choice. It was at my hospital. My second OB would have gladly let me deliver in the L&D room if he could have. He did bend the rules to get my mom in though.

Good luck!!!

Free - I don't remember your SIL being in labor at the same time. That's so funny and cool! Congrats on winning! How ironic that you had the vag delivery with twins and she had to have a c-sec for one. That's opposite of how it usually works.
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