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Re: We don't even care if it's healthy

It seems no matter what people can find a rude comment to make to a pregnant woman. Lol if you have boys they think you should have a girl, I you have girls they think you should have a boy, if you have more than two think you are having too many, if you have more than four you start getting rude comments about your intelligence and such (don't you know how that happens? Why yes we do, don't you? Lol)...why can't people just be happy for a new life God is creating and rejoice with the parents to be rather than the rudeness? I don't get it.
we are happy to take all the children God sends us and they are all blessings! Sadly we live in a society that does not see children as blessings, but it matters not what man thinks, God says they are and that settles it!
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