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Well, for me the throwing up had slacked off for a few days ...i was hoping that part over, and that I could just deal with the constant nausea....
yesterday, I had to go grocery shopping. I have been unable to do much of anything at all because I feel so weak and faintish. But I bit the bullet yesterday..took kids to checkup and then hit Sams and walmart. I was so tired I wanted to cry when we finished, thankfully my mom drove us. I decided to grab a bite at wendys...baked pototo, garden salad , and chili. Don't ask me why I opted for the chili...but nothing sounds good to me and for some strange reason ..chili did. I ate the baked potato it went down good. Then I try an itty bitty bite of chili cause I couldnt remember what theirs tasted like as I haven't eaten there in years...and just that taste set me into a puke fest....while on a rd with no shoulder..i heaved into the wendys bag for 5 minutes. Thank goodness for the baked potato dome lid is all I have to say.
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