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Re: The Big September Purge

How's it going?

I managed to get my thrift store pile taken out on friday. It frees up so much space and I'm feeling a bit motivated to start again. It's funny how that pile was weighing me down. Iwas also shocked at how much stuff was in that pile. I didn't realize that I had purged as much as I did. But when I look around I still see so much to go. So I guess it's time to get back at it.

This might be odd for some but we have decided to let our dog go. We've been deciding about what we love, use etc. And it's been a tough decision, but it's not working for us. We aren't able to give her the time and love that she deserves. So in our quest for a simple life we have really had to look hard at all areas of our life. It's sad, but we need to do what's best for the dog. We've listed her on our local classifieds today and I hope that someone will be able to love her.
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