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Homebirth Supplies + Birth pool liner

selling my unused birth kit (last minute transfer ). I would like to get $35 plus actual shipping. Also, I have more gloves and some other misc stuff not listed here, so if you need something additional to make your kit complete, please let me know.

15Disposable underpads 30x30
2* Plastic Backed Sheet, 40x60
6* OB Pads 3 are peach and 3 are the huge monster pads
5* Depends Style pull-ups
1* Peri bottle
2 Instant Peri Cold Compresses
1* Newborn hat
1* Paper tape measure
1* Lubricating jelly, 4oz. (have this but it is opened)
1 Bulb syringe
1 Cord Ring
6* Gauze pads, 4x4 strl, 2pks
12Gloves, vinyl exam, med.
8 Gloves, strl vinyl singles, med.
1* Neet Feet footprinter

Also, IHA a Birth pool in a box Eco mini liner here, opened, but unused. $25+ shipping, proceeds benefitting LLL.

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