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Sick with Bronchitis and 29 weeks today!

Ugghh. My lovely almost 3 year old daughter shared her bronchitis with me. She is on antibiotics and albuterol. But my OBGYN would not give me any antibiotics or Rx because I don't have a fever. He told me to just take Robitussin DM and cough drops. I have been coughing so hard that my rib cage hurts and the baby inside of me is none too happy with all the rattling

To make it worse, my hubby is overseas doing training with the Navy. He'll be home on Friday, but I had to take off today and yesterday of work because daughter and I were in no condition to leave the house.

I'm miserable and she's mostly better now (antibiotics are amazing things!). I've been drinking tea and OJ and soup and all that stuff. My ribs just hurt so bad and the tylonal I'm allowed to take isn't touching the pain.

Tell me that all this coughing is not hurting the baby and that I will start to feel better soon even without strong meds! Someone give me a hug
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