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Re: Measuring a bit off?

Hi, I'm measuring off too. Normally this concerns me quite a bit, but not in this case. I was nursing when we conceived. I had only had two menstrual cycles which were totally erratic (both shorter and longer than 28 days). I hadn't had enough time to establish a pattern (a 28 cycle v. 35 day cycle). Also, I'm not 100% sure of my LMP. I know it's a range of 3-4 potential dates, but not the exact date. Anyhow, I've pretty much measured a week off consistent from what my guesstimated LMP is. What made me feel better is that with each ultrasound (I get them every 2 weeks), the baby seems to grow by the appropriate time elapsed. Also, the ultrasound tech says up to a week off, they don't worry and it's their margin of error.
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