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My uterus prolapsed with the birth of my second, she was over 9 lbs..came like a freight train 45 min after my first contraction. Unknown to me at the time, my midwife had to holds my uterus in as she was barreling out. the first time I got up,(the next day for bm, I had been peeing on to rolled up towels..midwifes order.) it fell about 3/4 of the way out of my V. My two choices were go to doc and likely get a complete hysterectomy or stay on bedrest at least 6 wks doing upwards of 400 to 800 kegals a day to strengthen the pelvic floor so it would keep it from falling out , which could cause severe hemoraging/death.) After my 6 wks weeks I started seeing a deep tissue, corrective massage therapist to help retighten the muscles that hold the uterus in place.
Ok so I had to tell u guys allllll that just to say ....that all the vomiting has caused my uterus to drop a couple inches lower into my V. I can now feel my cervix(when I check myself) without stretching for it at all. midwife is blaming the puking.
My last 3 pregnancies have been 2.5 years apart, and thats a bit much for my poor uterus I am afraid. This is my 4th pregnancy since the prolapse and I have fx'd that it can hold up for one more baby!! Go away MS!!
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