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Originally Posted by mommy2fourmunchkins
I had been staying away for the most part because I'm not the most positive pregnant person in the world. Maybe this rant room is exactly what is needed! I had a few days where I went down to throwing up only 2-3 times a day, but it's back now :-/ I'm 13 1/2 weeks with no signs of it letting up. So I get to continue the back and forth for iv rehydration. I've always been really sick with each pregnancy but this one seems to be the absolute worst. I feel like its taking everything out of me. DH has even commented that he's never seen me down like this. I have an appt Friday with a psych because of the depression that is accompanying the mess I've become. Hope it's not the entire pregnancy! Either way I'm DONE after this!
Sounds terrible! I know what you mean..i don't ever want to be sick like this again either, even tho I adore babies and kids! Maybe it's because I in my 30's now..that it seems so much more unbearable. My previous 2 pregnancys let up at 16 wks. hopefully none of us have to go the whole way with ms.
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