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Re: Oh my, I hit a nerve without even meaning to!

Originally Posted by indigo152 View Post
Sorry, I had to laugh because this sounds all too familiar. Good to hear it's not just my DH
He wasn't exactly sure what my intentions were when I told him about my purging plans (I am going through the 8 Weeks of Decluttering - or 40 Day Purge) right now. He never has a problem when I get rid of my things, or even the kids' things. He was actually quite happy when I told him about the big box of kids' toys I plan to donate.
However, he gets very emotional when I propose to get rid of his things. Funny example: I asked him to look through the kitchen items I intended to donate. The first item he pulled out was a bowl scraper. He was literally misty eyed when he asked why I was getting rid of that one. I told him it was because I had found 11, and didn't think I needed that many! I honestly thought I was going to have to take it back up to the kitchen to make him feel better, but he finally conceded....little steps...
Was that bowl scraper something that he had bought for you at some point? Or something he helped the kiddos pick out for a mother's day present? I can't imagine get misty eyed over a bowl scraper, when I assume there were a number of other things in the box. Isn't it interesting how there are so many different kinds of people? My DH is not a hoarder, he just doesn't want to make the effort to actually go through things and get rid of what he isn't using. More of a laziness thing than any actual attachment to the stuff. But it still drives me crazy sometimes.
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