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Originally Posted by Done at 3
Do you think ordering that book is worth the $15 of she says she really can't help past 3.6? DS is 3.4 she referred to another method on a different website involving enemas etc... Eeeekkkk there's no way I could put him through that.

He pooped on the floor again today and enjoyed cleaning it up I went whole hog this time, instead of making him just pick it up with the tissues and flush it I got out the bac out and hot water with scrub brush thinking putting more effort in may help. Nope, he loved it and kept asking if he could clean the floor more! Ugghhh what am I going to do with this kid!!!!
That author helps kids beyond age 4 and 5. That's where the forum help comes in, should you need it.

That enema thing was someone else claiming she advocated enemas, but that is not true. She does not advocate them at all, not in the book and not in any of her forum or blog posts I've read. That was some wierd post from someone else.

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