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Re: KAL ~ Knit for FALL! Sept 9 - Sept 15

Originally Posted by knibert View Post
What do you guys think of this hat knit w/a CW? think the pattern would just be lost in the CW?

I have some moonlit that manly enough for an adult hat?The trim matches this. I have arthur too.but I think that might be too loud.
It could get lost. I'm a sucker for semi-solids on adult items.

Originally Posted by OrangeBananas View Post
Eek, good luck! When did they tell you girl? Do you have any photos?? I love seeing ultrasounds.

That hat is awesome, but I would be afraid of the colorway being too much for the pattern. It's such a lovely pattern.
I can send you a PM with the u/s or figure out how to blank out my real name and post it here. There were 2 definite straight lines...u/s tech said looks like a taco

Originally Posted by msuk2girl View Post
Karyn I love that hat. With the right cw it could work.

My problem is finding the lizard. He hid un my dishwasher, and I just saw him in the living room... but he disappears.
Lots of lizards here in Hawaii...the worst is if it runs over your foot or touches you...eek.

Originally Posted by stevensmom View Post
I forgot what I was going to say...

Shannon...good luck with the new house pet

Karen...I hope she's still a she....but I have stories too

My cousin was suppose to have a little girl, had a few u/s that showed girl. Well Charolette came out with external plumbing

A family friend was having twin girls...had u/s every week because she was high risk. Twin girls. Well at the week 36 u/s the tech said "are you excited to be having one of each?" "what? we are having two girls"..."no that is a boy in there" and yep she was having a boy and a girl
lol. I hope that doesn't happen. Who knows, I'm used to boys and while I'd be a bit disappointed, I'd deal. I would be more crushed if I had to sell off all my IDSO girly CWs that I've been hoarding.

Originally Posted by stevensmom View Post
oh and thanks for all the prayers for my's all better now
Glad everything worked out.
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