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Re: Other People's Clutter at Your House

Oh dear. Sis needs a reality check, LOL. "Breaking up the collection" only applies if she had a new in boxes or EEC full set of something. If it were just her and her neice's stuff, I'd just give the whole thing back and refuse future "gifts" in the future that come with conditions. I have always believed a gift is a gift, and the recipient can do whatever they want with it. Now if she said they were a loan, that would be a different thing, you would have agreed to certain terms to borrow the stuff.

But it sounds like this was a collection that was hers and yours, so it's a little different. But to take the minimalist hardline stance, I say what you suggested, or just returning it all to her, would be ideal. DO NOT be guilted into storing someone else's clutter. Take a stand now, or you will have a houseful of this stuff later. Your LO is too little to know the difference now, and in theory the neice will mature into an adult and laugh at her attachment later. If you try to unscrambled this egg when your LO is old enough to know the difference, it is way more complicated.
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