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Re: Anyone have a successful pregnancy while on Mirena?

She got it taken out yesterday. Just had normal mild spotting and cramps from them doing it. They did use the tool (I forget what it's called spectrum?, the thing they use for paps) to get in there. The doctor was saying he doesn't think it's going to end well. WTH?! She's changing doctors, she's already told him, She needs to transfer to closer to were she lives anyways. From what it sounds like he's trying to convince her to terminate. Not sounding optimistic at all, I guess because she's had the Mirena in and the hormones getting to the babies but it's only been 10 weeks. Jerk. I know he has to present all the options and of course that is an option but to focus on the negative only seems kinda mean, like she doesn't have enough to worry about idk. At least she's switching doctors and it seems to be going fine so far. Hopefully she will get another U/S soon and see how the babies are doing.
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