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Re: Water birth tips

My two natural births have been water births. LOVE THEM! I can't compare them to any other natural birth, but I won't want to try a regular natural birth after trying water first. I was completely naked for both, I didn't bother with modesty. I never thought about the cool wash cloth, but I was perspiring from the heat. The water probably wasn't too terribly hot, but to an over-sensitive (read: laboring) woman, and sensitive skin, even a few degrees made the water unbearable to touch and I had them add cold water. For my first I was siting back, with my feet infront of me pushing onto the side, curling forward with each contraction. It was a decent position. With my second I was on my knees, hunched over the side, gripping the top edge and resting my cheek on a towel. Physically, I felt like it was a more natural position to bear down, and I enjoyed it more, but it made it impossible for me to look down and see when the head was out (which is a rush). After the head came out, it was also a much harder position to get the rest of the body out, and it wasn't an easy transition to hand off the baby to my husband while I got off my knees and sat back. But, my first water birth was an 8-lber and second was a 9lb11ozer, so the trouble with getting the body out could have been size and not position related.
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