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Re: All NEW - never washed! Kissaluvs Hemp, Baby Beehinds, BabeeGreens

And then I discovered that JakqueRyann's previous posts were tagged as do not B/S/T from this user. Thankfully package didn't go out as spidey senses made me check her other threads again before posting.

Another useful thing I learned today is that you can void a shipping label within 48 hours and get a refund if you purchased the label through PayPal. Who knew? There's a link at the bottom of the confirmation email saying that you bought a shipping label. Thank you random guy on ebay who posted this tidbit of knowledge which was then helpfully picked up by the Google search engine!

Needless to say, the 5 new diapers - 2 BBH bamboo o/s, 1 BBH hemp o/s, 1 babee greens organic cotton o/s, and 1 m/l kissa organic cotton/hemp - are now available again.
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