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Originally Posted by megkmc
#1: I woke up and got breakfast like usual. I had a few mild contractions through out breakfast. Then I woke up DH and told him to time them. They gradually got closer and stronger. We went to the hospital in the early afternoon. Very "textbook."

#2: DD1 woke up in the middle of the night, crying. She had a fever the last several days, so she didn't have a fever this time, but she got into the habit of waking up. I was trying to comfort her, but was having contractions, enough that she knew something was going on. I got in the bathtub, to see if they were BH and would go away with a soak in the tub...of course, DD had to get in the tub with me. They didn't go away. I went downstairs while DH tried to put DD back to bed. At that point they were already 4 minutes apart. So we called our friend to come stay with DD and headed to the hospital. It is always a wonder how much longer I would have slept through labor if DD hadn't woken me up...

So to answer your question, contractions both times!
Thanks!! More stories please
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