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Re: How's everyone feeling?

Originally Posted by iwiamandaiwi View Post
really? coke is supposed to help with nausea? I guess it doesn't really work for me though since I am drinking one and i still feell like I need to puke, lol.
Sodas definitely can help! I still have some in my fridge from when I had a stomach bug 2 months ago, it was the only thing that helped

Originally Posted by MamaNae View Post
I'm really exhausted and I'm soooooo thirsty! It probably doesn't help that it's 90 degrees out but ugh...
I took the kids to the zoo today and no matter how much I drink I swear it's not enough.

I had some spotting today but I was very active and the spotting is mild so I'm trying to ignore it. Definitely queasy but not as bad as the last two. I was still eating gluten with the last two pregnancies and now know I have a very strong sensitivity to it, so I'm hoping that this time around is easier in general. I'm still nursing my 15 month old 6-8 times a day but no huge difference in that feeling thankfully! FX tomorrow the spotting is gone. I have DS's 4th birthday to prep for and lots of preserving to do so being so energy-sapped is hard
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