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Re: gatorade alternative?

Originally Posted by Minniebees View Post
Ditto. Natural does not equal safe. Besides, regular sugar is from a plant, and a lot of people hate sugar.

I'm surprised she recommends Gatoraid, from what I understand it is not very hydrating at all. According to studies, the most hydrating fluid is actually chocolate milk. She might as well tell you to drink soda. Dh used barley or rice water in Se Asia for cholera, but that's also because it is readily available. But apparently it works great for oral hydration. You take several TBS of barley or rice and boil it in a gallon of water, strain the grain and drink it.

What about tea or juice, or you know, water? Drink water and eat a banana, lol. If she is concerned about your hydration during labor, has she told you how much fluid ounces you need to drink per hour for your body weight to maintain appropriate hydration? We use that formula with the kids when they run a fever to keep them from getting dehydrated, and it works great.
Chocolate milk is VERY popular as a recovery drink with distance runners and other endurance athletes, some marathons have even started offering it at the finish line instead of water or other replacement drinks...
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