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Re: How's everyone feeling?

Originally Posted by missemily View Post
I feel like I am going to fall over dead by 3 every day if I do not take a nap. I have been feeling the twitches too. If I come down and eat something right when I wake up then I don't get sick. Oh and my pants already are starting to get tight (argh).
I have gained 5 lbs already!!!! I seem to go through days where I don't want to eat anything and then other days where I am ravenous and can eat everything in sight. Today is a ravenous day. Not a good omen for the rest of my pregnancy

I am sooooo tired these last few days. Pregnancy was a lot easier the first time when I could come home from work and crash. Now I have two little boys to take care of and it is soooo much more exhuasting than I remembered Oh I wish I could crawl into bed....

Still nauseous but haven't been sick yet (knock on wood someone).

Boobs aren't really sore but my nips are. I think it is because Aiden is still nursing three times a day and now that I am pregnant they are ultra sensitive.

I am already experiencing pregnancy brain. Could be the lack of sleep but today it is sooo bad. I can't put a complete thought together...

I have been crying at EVERYTHING. Hormones are definitely running rampant and I think I am confusing my poor 5 year old. I've told him that there is a baby in mommy's tummy and that babies do silly things to mommy while they are growing so hopefully that will help him understand a little and not think that mommy is just coo coo

I had a wicked bad headache all day yesterday that tylonol didn't even help. Today it is just a slight throbbing behind my eyes. hopefully it statys that way or goes away all together. Again, I think this stems from lack of sleep.

Well, that is about it with my symptoms today. How is everyone else feeling?
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