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Re: gatorade alternative?

Originally Posted by Caz View Post
Chocolate milk is VERY popular as a recovery drink with distance runners and other endurance athletes, some marathons have even started offering it at the finish line instead of water or other replacement drinks...
Who woulda thought, huh? We're not anti-sugar here, so I let the kids drink chocolate milk, but I never would have thought that it is anything but yummies added in to get the kids to drink more milk. Apparently it has just the right mix of sugar, salt, and electrolytes plus some protein to hydrate the most effectively.
Originally Posted by zandj View Post
problem with chocolate milk (i.e. sugar) is that I get heart palpitations, tight chested from the carbs, same with too much juice etc

problem isn't really hydration so much as the salts etc used up during labor, sweating and the like. Going to try some homemade recipes out I think!
You actually don't need much salt, but the other electrolytes can be important. Can you eat fruit? A banana, plus water would be enough.
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