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Re: Healthy grab-able breakfast stuff

there are some great recipies out there for making your own protein bars if you google it. I have seen some that look super yummy though I havent yet gotten around to trying it myself. Those would be decent for breakfast or snack.

Another healthy snack option is homemade fruit leather. I have done this before. Puree fruit, line an edged cookie sheet with wax paper or plastic wrap, pour the puree in, and put in the oven (about 150-200 degrees) with the door cracked for several hours... It acts as kind of a dehydrator if you dont have one. It wont melt the liner either. Onces its done, peel it off and cut.

How about trail mix with lots of nuts, granola and dried fruit? maybe even a few m&m's. As few is better than a ton of junk food right?

For breakfast, what about oatmeal in a thermos or even making a big batch of breakfast burritos to freeze, and thaw one out the night before... pop in in the micorwave before he leaves then put it in a thermos? It should keep it warm for a few hours That way he can just open the thermos and hold it to eat while he is driving.
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