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Re: Mailing diapers from US to Canada

I believe it depends on the claim made they do accept it as proof of shipping, I believe the issue was proof of delivery and the problem that customs numbers did not serve as tracking or proof of delivery.

A third party insurance can be added to the packages and I have been told pricing is very reasonable, and that may serve as a proof of delivery in the event of a lost package or an item not recieved claim.

I no longer use customs numbers a Deutsche post created their own customs forms and stopped using the standardized form with a customs number I now use a deutsche post tracking number and that is accepted by paypal as both proof of deliver and shipment. But I believe in terms of USPS this option of tracking or sitgniture delivery is only availible on priority postage, therefore making the insurance addition a more reasonably priced option. And if I recal only pennies to the dollar on shipping price. I want to say its called i-pic or something similar lets see if I can look it up.
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