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Sleep Issues

DS is about 10 months old. I work 50 hours a week, varied shifts and DH is home with him. This will most likely be changing in the next 6 months where I will be at home and DH working. Currently, DS won't go to sleep for the night unless I nurse him down or DH rocks him to sleep and at that point I have to be next to him in bed or he wakes up pretty quickly. DH can't get him to nap without holding him the whole time and when he is able to put him down he will only stay asleep for a very short amount of time. DS generally won't sleep after I have gotten up for the day to get ready which is more often than not very early. We co sleep. Normally I would be fine with all this but it's getting to the point where DS isn't getting the amount of sleep he needs because his sleep schedule is so sporadic and varied and he isn't always getting the 14 hours a day. He acts tired all of the time.

DH needs to be able to get things done around the house during DS' naps but can't because he needs to be held the whole time. And yes, he has tried wearing him but it's simply not feasible for him anymore because he is so heavy at 27 lbs. I need to be able to have some wind down time with DH at night now and not have to be in bed at 7 with my baby because he can't sleep without me there.

I am fine with co sleeping but I need DS to be able to sleep by himself in bed or his crib and I don't see how I can fix that problem without ending the co sleeping as well. Any suggestions? Any good books anyone has read? Thanks in advance
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