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Totally not going to sleep tonight!

I haven't had great sleep the last 2 nights over this, and tonight is sure to be a long one. We opted to do the 20 week scan, and it is tomorrow, and I have way more anxiety about it than I should. Is there one or two babies? Will it be obvious what the gender is and spoil our surprise? Will everything be okay with baby (or babies)? I just can't stand it, I have had so many funky dreams lately that it's killing me, I swear I want to know gender now, and then what if it is twins? I told DH that we would have the tech write down gender if it is twins and we can decide later if we want to find out. He said NO WAY! I don't want the tech to spill the beans, but will I be disappointed if I don't get to see and maybe guess for myself? Oh, this is awful! I KNOW it is a boy, but will I be disappointed if it is a girl? No, scared out my my mind maybe... But that would be really cool too. I really, really don't want to know gender, because I had so much anxiety about it when we found out with DS1... I just can't wait to see the baby, and then get the scan over with!
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