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Re: I am going to lose it!!!

To the OP - I pretty much could have written your post about MY older DS. I am SO frustrated. Mine was nearly 100% pee trained and about 50% successful with poops last summer, then I know he's "capable." Now, he'll pee wherever he's standing (even if naked), and he'll hold his poop until he has a diaper (or underwear ) on. So yeah...15 months later, and we're going nowhere fast. I don't really believe in waiting for "readiness" but I'm wondering if I have no choice but to wait him out (because it's turned into a power struggle). I have no helpful suggestions...but I wanted to let you know that you aren't alone.


Originally Posted by Done at 3 View Post
It was under her FAQ. The 3rd question was can you help my (insert any age over 3and a half) and she then says there is one chapter that is helpful but if they are over 3.5 and it has to do with poop she recommends the website Soiling Solutions. They are the ones who talk about the enemas etc...
I saw this too, and it gave me enough pause that I haven't yet bought the book.
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