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Re: Everything irritates me.

Thanks ladies. I've still been really irritable the last few days.

Like today... a nutty "everything going wrong" day....

But anyway.. DH went to the grocery store. As I was putting away groceries DH said "Did you notice I bought you a Hershey's Pie?'

I said "I noticed that you bought YOU a Hershey's Pie."
DH: No, there are two slices in there, one for each of us.
Me: Yes, I am aware of that.. but while I like them, this is one of YOUR favorite desserts. You didn't buy this for ME, you bought it because it looked good to YOU, and you know that I like them too. But it's YOUR favorite dessert, not MINE. So don't be like "Oh, look what I bought you," and expect me to be like "oh my hero." Be honest. Instead of saying "look what I bought YOU." Say "Hey, I bought US some hershey's pie." Now.. if you had seen that they had coconut ice cream and bought it, THEN you coudl have said "HEY, did you see what I bought YOU," because YOU don't like coconut ice cream. Just be honest. You bought it because YOU wanted it. You didn't buy it as a present for ME."

LOL.. Man, I don't know why.. but it really really REALLY irritated me!

God bless!
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