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Originally Posted by CMamma View Post
I use it for everything. It's my "Greek Windex" lol

1:1 coconut oil & baking soda is our toothpaste (& fyi my last dentist cleaning was the BEST & quickest I've ever had - dentist said my routine was great).

Face cream, body cream, use for oil pulling, on the feet with garlic for detoxing/pulling out toxins, I consume a few tablespoons a day to help with digestion & also as a part of my naturopathic regimen (helps kill off "bugs" etc). Put it on cuts/scrapes like you would neosporin... hair conditioner (leave-in) & anti-frizz cream (only product I use in my hair), rub into the scalp to get rid of dandriff...
So you use a solid toothpaste or do you buy it fractionated?
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