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Re: Everything irritates me.

Aww...I know how you feel about the messy house and other people's opinions. I've got a 3 & 2 year old who um don't really pick up after themselves, my pelvis kills when I bend over, and pushing a heavy vacuum give me contractions. So guess what, my house isn't spotless!

And...of all people my MIL told ds (who is 3!!) that our house was "very dirty" when she came over to "help" last weekend so that dh and I could run a few errands together. And she told the kids that the baby would be bringing them presents (which no, she isn't, she isn't freakin' Santa Claus. She's the anti-Santa Claus, this pregnancy is going to be really expensive b/c of all the ultrasounds plus the c-section). And the house was dirty b/c HER SON was pulling up bushes and tracked some mud in the house THAT DAY and I hadn't cleaned it yet. Which I was fine with, I just wasn't going to haul out the vacuum until the end of the day.

My dh is being very helpful though. I would go insane if he was not.

And people keep asking me what I'm up to (I'm scheduled for a c-section in a few days, having an ultrasound tomorrow to confirm placenta previa one last time) and I just say that I'm doing what I can but not stressing too much about a sterile house...time with my other kids is more important, and the baby won't know if I cleaned behind the fridge or not (I did not).

Anyways, I hope your baby comes soon so you can have some sanity back!
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