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Originally Posted by Michelle_M
Thanks ladies. I've still been really irritable the last few days.

Like today... a nutty "everything going wrong" day....

But anyway.. DH went to the grocery store. As I was putting away groceries DH said "Did you notice I bought you a Hershey's Pie?'

I said "I noticed that you bought YOU a Hershey's Pie."
DH: No, there are two slices in there, one for each of us.
Me: Yes, I am aware of that.. but while I like them, this is one of YOUR favorite desserts. You didn't buy this for ME, you bought it because it looked good to YOU, and you know that I like them too. But it's YOUR favorite dessert, not MINE. So don't be like "Oh, look what I bought you," and expect me to be like "oh my hero." Be honest. Instead of saying "look what I bought YOU." Say "Hey, I bought US some hershey's pie." Now.. if you had seen that they had coconut ice cream and bought it, THEN you coudl have said "HEY, did you see what I bought YOU," because YOU don't like coconut ice cream. Just be honest. You bought it because YOU wanted it. You didn't buy it as a present for ME."

LOL.. Man, I don't know why.. but it really really REALLY irritated me!

God bless!
DDC. I know you're miserable right now, but this dialogue cracked me up so much. It sounds like your poor husband would be wise to duck and cover for the time being. I just remember giving daggers to anyone who dared to cross my path when I was 37 weeks with my daughter, heck I'll probably do it again in about five months. It's almost over, then somehow you'll magically forget you ever felt this way and all will be right with the world.
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